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EPF was formed by a group of masters’ students in 2005 over a few beverages at the Art House. The EPF charter is to advance the environmental and sustainability profession by providing an informal space to network and exchange ideas. Today the EPF network has grown to over 1000 professionals who reflect the dynamic evolution of the field.

The EPF is run by a voluntary group of committed professionals, is free of charge and is open to anyone with an interest in the environment and sustainability.

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'Word of Mouth' (WOM) Occasional Emails

By joining EPF you will now receive occasional EPF Word of Mouth (WOM) emails. These emails contain word of mouth positions (often not in the public domain), events and topical information across the enviro/sustainability arena supplied to the network by professionals within the network. Please feel  free to use the network to distribute word of mouth information. WOM is sent out twice a month dependent on quantity of material sent through.

EPF Events

EPF also host free of charge quarterly dynamic events. Our events allow time for networking in a relaxed and friendly setting coupled with a presentation that focuses on a topical issue interwoven with personal and professional stories of inspiration, challenge and triumph in an effort to create a sustainable future. As a volunteer and unregistered organisation we rely on generous sponsorship from links with in the EPF network to make these events a reality. EPF events fill up quickly and we look forward to meeting you at one.

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The EPF Charter is to provide an informal space for the exchange of ideas, networking and change creation across the environmental/sustainability space.

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