EPF: Word of Mouth - October 2017 Event Wrap Up

Firstly, sincere thanks to our guest speaker Luke Menzel (CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council) for giving us a preview of their Best Practice Guide to Energy Efficiency Policy, and also insights into who are the exemplars of energy efficiency/demand response in the world today, ie. California & Germany. Luke was very entertaining, informative and also very open and accommodating during the Q&A.

As circumstances would have it the timing of our event could not have been more relevant with the government announcing the “NEG” the day before but, as Luke pointed out, without a mention of energy efficiency being part of the policy mix. So “Policy is crucial” for energy efficiency to provide its real benefits to consumers, industry and utilities alike.  Good, effective policy is not easy and Australia is lagging but we can learn a lot from the policies and programs implemented over decades by the above governments.  Hence the EEC’s policy guide.

Despite our lack of cohesive policy at a federal level, we do have the world leading NABERS building performance tool, the Commercial Building Disclosure Program and other state-based schemes that are delivering significant savings and emissions reductions.  Apparently though, energy efficiency is not “sexy” so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, even though it is a multi-billion $ industry in both California & Germany……

Clearly we have a way to go in Australia so keep your eyes out for the EEC policy guide and visit eec.org.au for more information, as well as for details of their National Conference in Melbourne on November 20 & 21.

Thanks also to Schneider Electric for providing the food and beverages for the evening. 

Luke Menzel (CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council)

Luke Menzel (CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council)