Collaboration for Good Report

At long last, the report capturing the “Collaboration for good” night held by the EPF in August 2016 is now available. Newgate Engage played a key role on the night and have put together this report detailing the NGO’s involved, the approach taken and the outcomes of the various stages. It’s a very useful resource for anyone trying to solve complex problems within their own organisations.

What was EPF Collaboration for Good?

EPF members participated in a 2 hour power session to create solutions that can make a difference to 3 selected sustainability focused NGOs on a current issue they face.  The evening was expertly facilitated and members worked in small teams to create new ideas, deliver fresh insight and share your thinking around potential solutions. There are no wrong ideas, just missed opportunities from the ones not shared. 

The ideas were then collated into a report by Newgate Engage and presented to the NGOs to help them create a roadmap of solutions toward their challenge.

Read more about the Collaboration for Good event here.